I am a fine art and landscape photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’ve always been interested in photography.  It’s always been there, bubbling under the surface.  A few years ago, I bought my first DSLR on a whim and ended up with a passion   I’m a quiet person by nature.  Sharing my photography has given me a way to express myself and share things that catch my eye and pique my imagination.

“I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

When O’Keeffe came to northern New Mexico, she instantly felt at home, inspired, and transformed.  I’ve had a similar experience since moving to Santa Fe.  After 30 years in Alaska, I relocated to the southwest, seeking warmer climates and new adventures.  My passion for photography was soon rekindled, inspired by the landscape, culture, and rich history of the region.  I’ve produced more work and felt more in tune with my creative muse than at any point since I first picked up a camera.

Whether looking at a sweeping landscape, walking the streets of an old town, or hanging out in my back yard, I’m always trying to find the beauty in the common, or the unusual, that lies before me.  I like to seek out and explore the lesser known places that hold their own sense of beauty or try to look at the details or see the hidden that often goes overlooked on the more commonly trodden paths.  As I’ve continued to explore, to hone my craft, to discover and see and photograph those things that capture my imagination, I’ve begun to share my experiences, journey, and growth through my blog, social media, and print sales.

Recently one of my photos was the Second Place selection, Landscape category, for New Mexico Magazine’s 13th Annual Photo Contest; I was the winner of the 2014 Bandelier National Monument Photo Contest; two of my photos were awarded First and Third place in the Albuquerque Photographers’ Gallery’s 2014 “Your Best Shot(s)” Annual Juried Photography show; one of my photos was a finalist for the Albuquerque Photographers’ Gallery’s 2015 “First Look, Second Glance” Annual Juried Photography show; and two of my photos were featured in the banner ad for the Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center’s 2016 Calendar Photo Contest.  I currently have a selection of my work on display a Mostly Madrid, an artists gallery in Madrid, New Mexico, and am showing my work at select arts and crafts festivals throughout the Southwest.

I look forward to continuing to search, explore, and discover the wonders of the Southwest and wherever else my muse may take me…

My online portfolio, where paper, canvas, and aluminum prints can be ordered, is here: http://www.kevinschafferphotography.com



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